A combined programme of both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner – the ULTIMATE NLP MASTER TRAINING!!!


Start your journey all the way to MASTER COACH!

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Maybe you’re thinking you want to be a Master Coach and you want it NOW?

Then this is for you!

Take yourself on an explosive journey and ultimate personal development experience and become a
MASTER of your skill.

Combining both
NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training programmes, this Ultimate NLP Mastery programme is the key to ACCELERATING your growth, transforming your life and becoming a MASTER Coach.

Imagine becoming a qualified Master coach in just a few weeks!

Take your NLP skills to a whole new level.  You will start building the foundations with the NLP Practitioner programme, and then go straight to learn advanced methods of NLP and fine-tune your skills and knowledge to become a MASTER of NLP and coaching.  It’s an intensive programme and requires your dedication, focus and commitment.

If you want to take your own Personal Development to the next level of thinking this is the course for you. We also recommend that if you wish to practice as a Coach/Therapist that you attain this level of Mastery. This will give you increased flexibility and credibility with clients and allow you to produce even more exceptional results.

NLP techniques are increasingly coming to the forefront of people’s
requirements because they are so practical and adaptable in everyday life. 

Learn the power of using Neuro Linguistic Programming and why the coaches and leaders who get the best possible results with their clients are using it.

If you’d like to learn the secret to removing those obstacles that have got in the way of you getting what you want as well as tools to stand out from the crowd as a Coach, learning a lifelong skill that will set you apart, creating long-lasting change for
you and your clients, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!

You’re about to discover the most powerful, transformational tools to create long-
lasting change and amazing personal development – accelerating your success beyond
anything you could have dreamed of.



You start your journey by undertaking the Accredited NLP Practitioner programme to become an NLP practitioner.  Join up now and start your home study (so you can learn at a pace to suit you) and then participate in the online training which takes place in a private Facebook Group just for you fabulous NLP delegates.

We will then meet up LIVE on 1st November - 3rd November 2021, where you will fully embed the learning and have plenty of opportunity to practise all the techniques gained from the home study and online training.


3 Days online training
3 days LIVE Training
1st – 3rd November 2021

➡️ 3 Certifications - At the end of the live Training, in addition to your NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will also be certified in NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy® at practitioner level. 

What's included in the training:


  • 3 Days LIVE Training + online learning
  • Self Study Academy – learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • 3 Certifications - At the end of the Training, in addition to your NLP  Practitioner Certificate, you will also receive an NLP Coach Certificate and be certified in Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level. 
  • Energy-boosting sessions including light yoga and mindfulness
  • Lunch and refreshments each day
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Upon completing the NLP Practitioner programme you will move straight onto the
NLP Master Practitioner programme just a couple of days later. This is taking your
NLP skills to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

This is 10 days training split in 2 modules.

Module One –

2 x full days online training (7th Nov & 11th Nov)

3 Days LIVE Training

15th - 17th November 2021

Module Two –

5 Days LIVE Training –

4th -8th JANUARY 2022

➡️ Additional highlights of NLP Master practitioner

  • Receive a bespoke, comprehensive coaching manual, developed by me to include all of the NLP techniques in one easy to follow the book.  Normally retailing at £249, you will receive a hard copy version FREE as part of your training (which you will receive at the end of the NLP Practitioner programme)
  • Board break exercise where you will physically smash through a piece of wood and smash through any limitations.  This is the ultimate finale for the first week - an empowering, powerful session and you will be amazed at your achievement!
  • Modelling assignment – modelling is the basis on which NLP is built and a fantastic skill to learn.  You will model someone who has excellence in a skill or behaviour and instal it in yourself. You will then train the delegates in the training, in what you have modelled, when you return on module 2.
  • Spend two full days conducting Personal Breakthrough sessions where you will go through the full Coach to Client process putting everything you have learnt into practice. You will also experience what it is like to be a client.  This is one of the most incredible learning experiences that you will ever encounter as you see everything fit together.


  • 8 Days LIVE Training + 2 Full days of online learning
  • Self Study Academy 
  • 3 Certifications - At the end of the Training, in addition to your NLP Master
    Practitioner Certificate, you will also receive an NLP Master Coach Certificate and be
    certified in Time Line Therapy® at the master practitioner level. 
  • Board Break
  • Personal Breakthrough
  • Comprehensive book with ALL the practitioner and master practitioner techniques
  • Energy-boosting sessions including light yoga and mindfulness
  • Lunch and refreshments each day

Accredited by the ABNLP (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming), the largest NLP Certification Board in the World, this qualification will teach you everything you need to know to create rapid change.

You will receive thorough instruction, directly from me including demonstration of skills and techniques, lots of discussion so that you completely understand the materials, and plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout to become an excellent MASTER PRACTITIONER of NLP!

Prices and Payment Options


£4850 (saving £844!) + VAT

* Saving against buying both courses individually at the full advertised price


£435 x 12 + VAT

Reserve your space today by paying your £450 deposit!

Note: you are required to have completed training at the NLP Practitioner level prior to undertaking the NLP Master Practitioner programme.

If you have achieved this level through another training provider and therefore want to progress straight to Master Practitioner, contact us for a chat to discuss all the requirements of the programme and payment options for you!

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